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About Hole io 2

Hole Io is a game where player can make his dreams come true - become a giant black hole and swallow the whole city. The first version of the game was released several years ago and had a huge success. That's why the developers created the second version of the game with a lot of interesting upgrades and great new maps. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce Hole Io 2 - a new version of the popular multiplayer game. If we compare it to previous version of the game, we will notice a lot of new stuff - for example there are a lot of new skins which you can use to customize your whole and also variety of new game modes. More information about those modes you can find below, just continue reading our review.

What's New In Hole io 2?

Before telling you information about the upgrades and new game modes, let me give basic rules about how to play the game. The gameplay is still the same - you start as a small hole which can swallow only small objects. Your mission is to level-up to become bigger. When you are big enough, you can swallow buildings, cars and anything on your road. A good idea is to hunt for the smaller holes, you can swallow them too and get higher score. As you remember, the previous version was available only in AI mode, I mean you were playing against AI players. In Hole 2 you can play with real players all around the world or play against AI to get points and unlock new items. The game modes that the developers added to this game are just awesome - you can enjoy the battle royale mode, deathmatch mode and even Team VS Team. Keep in mind that most of them are locked at the beginning of the game and you will need some time to unlock them. The variety of different maps is also huge - you can easily find a map which suits your taste - if you love crushing towns, there are several awesome maps of them. You can also find a new desert map and islands maps. The more you play the game, the more you want to unlock all the skins and modes and I think that's the secret of a modern popular online game.

Basic Game Rules & Advices

There are several rules that you must follow if you want to achieve success in the Hole.io 2. For example, when the match starts, all the players are small. Your mission is to find the smallest objects to swallow them and grow bigger. If it took too long for your first level-up, the other players can eat all small objects or even hunt you so in the end this will reduce your chances to grow bigger and win the match. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that each game mode has it's own time limit. You just can't run forever or follow your enemies. For example, in the basic game mode you are given several minutes for each match and when the time goes off, the biggest player wins. You should also try to earn points to unlock new skins for your hole to look even more dangerous. I am sure you will discover a lot of interesting features in this game so have fun.

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